Family travel disasters are a good thing?

NPR did a great piece this week on family vacation disasters.  It really got me thinking that of the first memories that come to mind from any vacation are the strange, funny, and unplanned ‘disasters’.  In general disasters are a good thing but there is a limit to this of course.  One thing is for sure, travel mishaps make for much better stories because they are our own stories to tell.  Many people have been camping in state parks, but with a 14′ yellow Penske moving truck towing a car?

India evokes travel disasters/adventures
India travel leads to stories ...
  1. How often do you get the chance to sleep on the floor of a restaurant because you unknowingly go to the biggest gathering of people (like 42 million) to ever converge on one day?
  2. Or have an ape chase your moving car down the road pull itself through the front window as everyone bails out of the car, to have it eat some food, take a crap on the back seat and then get out of the car with a snack in hand, minutes later to have a tour busload of people glare at you because it looks like you have been intentionally feeding the wildlife?
  3. Camp on the beach on Christmas Eve, with 9 people, a bottle of wine, and some nutrition bars & candy canes because town is too far a drive and nothing would be open?
  4. Skiing all day and night in WalMart hooded sweatshirts because the airline lost the luggage with coats and gloves?
  5. The inevitable meals of nothing but peanut butter?

Great times!  Having gone through the list it seems that these are really just travel adventures.  Travel disasters we hope to avoid.

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