Skip Hop Pronto review: A high priority travel accessory

What dad (or mom maybe) wants to walk into a busy restroom carrying a super large, overstuffed, feminine diaper bag?  The Skip Hop Pronto is the utility knife of diaper bags providing a great alternative.

Skip hop pronto diaper bag field testing
Skip hop pronto diaper bag field testing

One thing is inevitable when you are traveling with kids: a major diaper mess.  And since you are traveling, the diaper messes will be bigger and grosser and more of a pain to deal with than anything you could expect.  This diaper changer has been with us every time we have headed out the door since month 1.

This diapering accessory is sleek and small and gets the job done without having to schlep the whole house.  This thing folds up small and typically goes inside a larger diaper bag so you can still pack half the kid’s room and extra clothing.  It’s the escape pod of diaper bags that still docks at the mother ship.  And really, who wants to bring along a big bag into a potentially grody bathroom.  This thing is about as manly as you can get for diaper duty; it’s the modern briefcase of diaper changers.

What exactly is this this thing you ask?

  • Fold out diaper changing pad with a little head pad.
  • Storage for ~1/4 bag of wipes
  • Storage pocket that holds a few disposable diapers or 1 cloth diaper

That is it.  A small diaper bag that can be tucked under you arm for changing the baby on the go.

Diaper changes on the go, dad tested and approved
Diaper changes on the go, dad tested and approved

We have now field tested this in many locations including:

  • airport bathroom, airport bathroom, airport bathroom, etc. …
  • airplane lavatory (and you really don’t want to bring anything extra in there)
  • airplane lavatory without changing table.  This involved a quick maneuver on the back of the toilet seat.  Just make sure you know what you are doing, move quick, and get the job done.  In such tight quarters, avoiding a pee stream would be impossible, so move fast.
  • back of car
  • Amtrak train
  • back of rental car by the side of the road in a random town in Mexico
  • picnic benches (on the bench not table part, of course)
  • Vince Lombardi service station on NJ Turnpike (among many others)

Our Skip Hop Pronto has made it out the door on any excursion where a diaper change is a possibility.


One thing that I would like to see is a higher quality zipper for the wipe compartment.  Otherwise this thing is well made and takes abuse as it should.  For $30 and free shipping it easily makes our top 10 list.


After a few months of use, the outside stitching was coming undone on one side.  A quick email to Skip Hop and we mailed the item back and got a replacement a week or so later.  While we did have to go over a week without the Skip Hop Pronto we appreciated the fast customer response.  The ‘new’ changer has been with us for over 6 months and been on many major excursions and we have had no problems with the stitching or elsewhere.

Like the other items (and advice) on our website, we could care less if you purchase this.  If ours gets lost, destroyed, or  stolen, we will be buying our own replacement pronto.

Bonus Mom-endorsement:

It also fits under most strollers and has a convenient loop strap with a clasp that can fit over the handle of an umbrella stroller or around your wrist for when you don’t want to carry a larger diaper bag. It’s small and light enough to tote along when you are carrying baby in a backpack too – and even has a pocket on the outside for incidentals like a credit card, cash, keys, etc.

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