Kushies My Bag review – Heading off to daycare!

Kissing doggie

I will just begin by saying that I never would have purchased My Bag without some good reasons to. Its $80 price tag is very very steep for something used for and by a baby.  That said, when we pulled this thing out of the box, Wyeth started doing his version of oohing and aahing (uuuh uuuh UUUH!). He loves the doggie face on the side. For a week, every time he saw it, he would crawl over and kiss it. That alone is enough to make me give the bag an extra chance! Also, it arrived right before Wyeth was going to start daycare for the first time, and thus became The Daycare Bag.


  • Roomy! We can fit a package of diapers, changes of clothes, a little lunch cooler, shoes, etc. I’m frazzled enough remembering everything that has to go to daycare, so fitting it all in one bag is super. It’s also definitely big enough for a trip being the size of a standard medium sized duffel bag.  The bag is sufficient size that we could see it being useful in a year or two when he has to carry his own bag.

    Ready for daycare!
    Ready for daycare!
  • Sturdy handles big enough to sling over my shoulder (a little tighter on dad, but doable).
  • An outside mesh pocket. Not particularly snug – things can fall out – but I like it to drop my keys and phone in when I carry him to and from his classroom. This prevents him from getting the keys and I don’t end up putting them deep into the bag.
  • Comes with accessories – little drawstring bags for “dirty pants” (I think this is the Canadian way of saying underwear…), “sleepy”, “clean”, “stinky”, and “shoes”, two mini insulated cooler packs for snacks and first aid/toiletries, and a toddler size pillow with fleece cover and a matching fleece blanket. We have found that we haven’t used any of that stuff yet, but Wyeth did like throwing things in and out of the bag… I do like small drawstring bags for travel, especially with kid-sized clothes, so I expect those will come in handy.  We’ll see if the bag and accessories make the cut for our next adventure and update accordingly.
  • Place to write the child’s name inside. *see below
  • Kid appeal – again, when Wyeth was kissing the bag every time he saw it, I felt like Kushies had clearly hit on something good!
  • Has a handle at one end for quick grabbing, or, I suppose, dragging?**
  • Nice size for resting on top of a bigger parent suitcase on wheels.
  • Big enough that you could probably check it without it disappearing.
  • Zip pockets at both ends with gussets (love gussets!) so goodies or favorite toys or blanket can be accessible without spilling out all over.
  • Construction seems pretty sturdy, including feet on the bottom to keep it off the ground.


  • Price! Good gracious, I’ve never spent this much on a duffel! Granted, it comes with accessories, but $80?!
  • No shoulder strap. Wouldn’t use it all the time, but it would be nice to have the option, especially when carrying a lot of luggage.
  • A little big for a kid to carry him/herself but maybe if the kid grows things will work out in the future.
  • The cooler packs are a bit on the small side – can’t really fit a sippy cup, which is usually what I want to keep cool. Ideal for string cheese though.
  • *Should sew in a light-colored label for this – can barely see the name!
  • **The bottom is not reinforced, so extensive dragging (as a preschooler might end up doing in an airport, for example) could take its toll.

All in all, despite the price, this bag is worth considering if you’re willing to invest in a larger, sturdy, duffel-style bag for your child.

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