When pee dripping down your leg is a good thing

Totally gross

pee all over your leg and shirt is never really a good thing


a few days ago I could not really complain so it was worth a good laugh.

At this point you have to wonder how I could “not really” complain with a lap full of pee.  I think this really starts on the ninth floor of Priceline-selected random hotel choice of the Crowne Plaza, the tallest building in Billings, Montana, at 6:30 in the morning.  After a week of traveling in Montana on a much needed very last minute vacation/camping trip (more details in a later post), we were ready to head home.IMG_1879

Camping with a little one and last minute travel planning did not lead to a large amount of eating for one week and on our last night we had gorged on pizza.  Not sure if it was the pizza or something else, but at 6:30 a.m. and under two hours to go to our flight, neither Lena or I thought that we would be getting out of bed.

A little bit of the spins, must pack stuff up, sit down on floor, don’t forget the baby and what ever he stuffed under the bed and the couch, remember to take the sugar tray and coffee mugs out of the trashcan, lay on floor, must get to car and get to airport and clean car, and wipe down the leather seats coated in baby food and splatters of whole milk.

Neither of us felt like standing but Wyeth was ready to go, full of energy, and wanting to run around.  The first flight was pretty good to Chicago; we bought one muffin before the flight in hopes that it would quell the nausea and Wyeth gobbled up the whole thing, oh well.  Of course the smaller planes don’t have diaper changers so we just waited it out for 2 hours.

No worries, made it to Chicago.

Much worse feeling than in Montana, we had an hour to naviagate over 4 terminals in O’Hare airport.  Having been our home base for 5 years, we knew our way around which was nice.  The 10 minute walk took us about 40 minutes and involved 2 rest stops to let things settle down, bathroom stops, and a diaper change, plus 1 stop at Jamba Juice for some overly smooth fruit something-wild-boost (parents thought it was so-so, Wyeth slurped it down).

Alright just another 1.5 hour flight to D.C. and we can lay down and not get up for a day or two.  Get on the plane, close the door and we hear, “Hi, this is the captain speaking, the pressure in the strut is kinda low so a mechanic is going to repressurize and check things out.  Should take 10 minutes.”  Wyeth immedietly tests his screechiest voice a few times to ensure that everyone knows where we are sitting.  A few hard kicks to the seat in front and a few head bangs on the wall and it looks like it could be trouble for us.  15 minutes later, “Flight attendents disarm doors”. Oh boy.

Lena, a bit green in the face, nods off, but Wyeth is having a great time.  Not sure if it’s a guy thing but he really loved that Sky Mall catalog.  Over the nearly 3 hours it took for us to get to D.C., he was happy as could be ripping every page out one by one and sitting rather still in my lap.  There was that nagging worry that having a lap child with his diaper  hard to the touch in every spot but we were in the window seat and would have to get through a sleeping mom and some random slightly-grumpy-for-having-to-ride-near-us buisnessman to get to the aisle.

Wyeth is having a fabulous flight, happy as can be, looking out the window, ripping up the magazine, eating a few snacks, drinking water.  We hold tight until 10,000 feet and descending through the clouds over D.C.: the rain starts.  It looks sunny with nice white fluffly clouds but for some reason I am starting to feel really warm in my lap.  A few moments latter I realize that I am soaked and Wyeth is sitting there calm and as happy as can be.  Nothing to done but just hang out and look out the window.


Overall a great flight, we didn’t even make any enemies (that businessman said Wyeth was the “number one baby” he’d ever flown with) and Wyeth was given the little plastic flight wings so that he could attempt to poke his eye out, for being so good.

On the whole, no complaints. Where to next, because we plan to keep traveling with kids and flying with kids and hopefully get in a few more flights with a lap child before we have to cough up for another seat?

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