Why drag them along (the kids and the website)

DragEmAlong is the website for parents considering traveling with kids. Yes, you can, and hopefully we can too! Started by Lena and David so that we can put together all the information we receive and document what it takes for us to travel with our family. We are compiling our experiences, along with tips from our parents, friends, and others, to provide a resource for our you, as well as our combined 7 younger siblings, cousins, friends, and everyone else who may want to travel with kids but just might feel a touch overwhelmed by the prospect.

We both enjoy traveling to new places and our goal is to keep moving and seeing new locales, albeit at a different pace and possibly even a difference place as necessary.

Stoller on Uxmal temple
Wyeth’s first trip out of the country. In stroller on the Great Pyramid at Uxmal (with help from Dad).

We made it to the top
We made it to the top!

Tip #1: There really is no need to carry a stroller up 128 steep steps with a baby strapped in.  Way too much work and extra weight; ditch the stroller and look for a baby backpack carrier.


Lena travels by bike
Lena travels by bike


Dave travels with trucks
Dave travels with trucks
Why DragEmAlong?

I traveled a great deal as a newborn, moving from Japan to the U.S., but things slowed down after that. Most family trips involved the minivan, fruit snacks, and those miniature cereal boxes.

In college, I studied abroad and have been attempting to pare down the amount of luggage I carry ever since, with little success.

Upon meeting Dave, I discovered that there is someone else out there who can get quite far by just eating candy. I love that he does not criticize my over-packing. And I love that he is willing to carry a stroller up stairs, or wear a baby backpack over a suit at a wedding so that Wyeth can attend in comfort.

Certainly we could continue our adventures without taking Wyeth, but that takes even more preparation than if we just bring him. We’re slowly learning how to pack and move about efficiently and effectively. We’ll make this work!

Why DragEmAlong?

For us this whole travel thing is a work in progress.
Hopefully we can figure it out, either way we will go down trying.  We have one son, Wyeth, and it currently takes us 8 bags and a few hours to get things in the car for an afternoon trip.  By the time we are out the door, everyone is cranky, there is no free space in the car, and it is nearly time to turn around and return home.  With 4 strollers and a larger number of baby-carrying devices, just picking the right tool for the trip is a major decision.  So the real question is: what would happen if there were another
kid or another two kids, etc.? Would we ever make it out the front door?

Lena has two younger siblings and I have five.  How did our parents manage to travel across the country? To numerous other countries? Camp for 30 days? Hike the great wall of China? Mexican ruins with 4 kids under 10? South Africa (nightfall, broken down car off an out-of-the-way road in a tribal village)? Costa Rica in the mud? Alaska? Alaska again? Alaska again? 4-hour road trips with up to 6 kids? We’ll find out…

And our little one, what does he get out of it?  He gets to bring puppy along of course! Doubling the number of bags with kid #1.

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